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Zachary Bennett-Brook - Liquid Harmony

Liquid Harmony

Liquid Harmony’ is symbolic of water dropping into the ocean and how ripples flow out from where the dot landed until they fade out or flow into other ripples, similar to the chain effect of waves merging into one another in the ocean as they reach the shore. As a surfer I spend a lot of time in the ocean and often watch the waves as they roll through and merge with smaller waves as they reach the shoreline.

Artist: Zachary Bennett-Brook

Zachary is a Torres Strait Islander man from Wollongong. Zachary’s passion for painting and drawing began at an early age.

Painting is a way which allows me to connect to my roots and Indigenous heritage. It is through my Indigenous art that I feel I can highlight the importance of equality and respect between both the Indigenous and Non-Indigenous community. Growing up in Wollongong I have always been surrounded by water and have always been involved with water based activities. Being Torres Strait Islander water has always played a vital role throughout my life, as it is ingrained within my cultural heritage and is often represented throughout many of my artworks and designs. I strive to create artworks that are of the highest quality, representing my passion for art in conjunction with my Indigenous background to ultimately showcase my artistic flare. My ambition is to create and develop works, which are engaging and aesthetically appealing, whilst allow me to grow artistically and professionally.



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